Banquet Table Hosts

Frequently Asked Questions

Banquet Table Reservation Form

Am I expected to pay for my guests’ tickets?
No, some table hosts will pay for their guests but many other table hosts will ask their guests to pay for their own tickets.

What happens if I have a guest(s) back out or I can’t fill the table?
We always work with table hosts to help them fill any empty seats.

What happens if I fill my table and have more people who would like to come?
We are happy to help you with this kind of “problem.” We will do our best to place your additional guests at a table next to your table or as close as possible.

Does Right to Life provide information to help me invite guests?
Yes, we will provide banquet information flyers you can give to people you invite. These flyers will include all the banquet details and a speaker bio. We also provide table hosts with articles about the keynote speaker as available. We are always available by phone or email to assist you and answer any questions.

Why does Right to Life want Table Hosts?
Table Hosting creates a win-win-win situation. Right to Life gains the benefit of getting our information out to (often like-minded) individuals who may not have ever heard about the organization, and thus gaining new support in a number of ways. The Table Host gets the benefit of being the instrument through which the pro-life message is broadcast more widely and they widen their network of advocates for the preborn. By attending the banquet, guests have the opportunity to meet other like-minded people and gain new insight into defending the preborn and promoting the cause.

The bottom line is that as a Table Host you will be instrumental in expanding the number of people attending the banquet which will increase the opportunity to educate and encourage