Christi Ziebarth Talks About Lakeland Christian Academy Artwork

Right to Life is pleased that Lakeland Christian Academy will, once again, be providing center pieces for the 2018 Fall Legacy of Life Banquet.

The LCA art program has a focus and commitment to “giving back” talent to the community. They recently finished two large works of art that are now installed at the YMCA and Joe’s Kids Therapy Center. There will soon be a 20-foot piece at Grace College.

A highlight of the Lakeland Christian Academy Art Department is giving the gift of talent to Right to Life four years strong.

Five years ago, my husband and I were invited to attend the Right to Life Banquet by friends who had sponsored a table. Though I had received emails and updates since my oldest daughter was a baby (nineteen years ago), I had not realized the gravity and scope of impact until I attended this inspiring and eye-opening event within 1,200 members of my own community at the Manahan Orthopaedic Capital Center in Winona Lake.

There is power in God and there is power in numbers. The Right to Life Banquet is a remarkable combination uniting towards care for the innocent, mobilizing action, educating, and awakening a spiritual fervor that I can only describe as “sensing the light of a north star pointing to a place where the heart of God shines”.

There are many ways to give including time, talent, and treasure. As I watched many pull out their pens and give that evening, I realized there is an additional category: teaching. We all have a sphere of influence. I am an art teacher. I can teach my students to care by using creativity to empower compassion. As I looked around, I noticed that the majority of attenders were my age or older. We must teach our next generation to care and take action. We must create reasons to ask questions. Participation and curiosity propels action. We can involve them and influence a trajectory of change.

Sixty art students of Lakeland Christian Academy volunteered to help create faceted vase centerpieces for the banquet the following fall. Students excelling in math designed the faceted shapes, wood was cut, sanded, painted, and flowers arranged. The act of helping and serving opened a wide door for curiosity, discussion, and compassion within and beyond the classroom.

Four years later, art students look forward to creating new designs for centerpieces each fall: hand-folded origami watercolor roses, vine-wrapped bird’s nests, and hand-glazed plates spun on a potter’s wheel holding a collection of baby shoes stand among our student-designed projects. At completion, students board the LCA bus with boxes in hand, place them at each table during set-up. We pray for each person attending from the stage. More LCA students and families attend each year as the momentum grows.

Plans are in motion for the Fall 2018 centerpieces. Participation is a highlight of our creative classroom! There are many ways to give. It is important for each of us to realize we can be a small part of a big thing. Together, we CAN make a difference.

Christi Ziebarth

Resident Artist, Lakeland Christian Academy

Author: rtlnci

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