Indiana Pro-Life Strategies

Right to Life of North Central Indiana (RTL of NCI), an affiliate of Indiana Right to Life, is committed to ending abortion in Indiana. We have been committed to that goal since our inception in 1973. We understand that there are differences in strategy on how to reach that goal.

RTL of NCI believes that Indiana Right to Life’s legislative strategy of incrementally chipping away at abortion is the most prudent at this time and has the most opportunity for success in the current judicial environment and with the current liberal, pro-abortion majority on the Supreme Court. This strategy is supported by leading national pro-life organizations as well. Even while the 1973 Roe v Wade decision still allows for legalized abortion, we can continue to pass legislation that protects babies and puts enhanced restrictions on the abortion industry.

It is important to note that RTL of NCI believes that it will take more than legislation to end abortion. Hearts and minds need to be changed. RTL of NCI’s strategy is to do what it can to encourage a culture of life. This is accomplished through partnering with pregnancy centers, encouraging students to stand up for the pro-life position, promoting life through billboards and radio, and holding special events such as the annual Life Chain, workshops for pastors and church leaders, and training events. This method, plus the legislative gains we have experienced in Indiana, have all combined to reduce abortions on women from north central Indiana by 40% in the past two years.

The following are links that may help explain the current legislative situation in Indiana:

Indiana Right to Life position statement.

Radio interview with Representative Ben Smaltz on the topic of the Protection at Conception legislation.

Life News article on the incremental approach.

Letter to the Editor responding to April 7, Times Union article

While strategy differences exist in the pro-life movement, we all support the same goal of ending abortion. We pray that we can always remain respectful of one another as we work diligently to save babies and their mothers from the tragedy of abortion.

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