Join Us for RTL of NCI’s First Zoom Webinar for Pastors

Join Us for RTL of NCI’s First Zoom Webinar for Pastors

RTL of NCI realizes the challenges related to addressing the issue of

abortion from the pulpit. We’ve scheduled a live and interactive Zoom webinar to give pastors some assistance and encouragement.

Zoom Webinar

Thursday, November 19, 2020

12:00 pm (EST)

1 Hour

Click this link to register.

Presenter: Mike Spencer

Mike served as a pastor for 23 years and then as a member of the speaking staff for Life Training Institute for eight years. He now serves as the founder and president of Project LifeVoice, a gospel-driven human rights organization that equips and inspires pro-life ambassadors to speak compellingly and to act sacrificially on behalf of the preborn.

Mike’s Workshop Topic Description

There’s no question about it, abortion is an unpleasant subject and a tough one to address from the pulpit. For many in our congregations, abortion is a deeply personal issue that invokes painful memories and feelings of guilt. Others view abortion as a divisive political issue to be avoided. The pain & confusion surrounding this issue raises a crucial question: Is it possible to be a bold voice for the unborn while at the same time nurturing a redemptive community for those who’ve had abortions? Mike will address the biblical duty of the shepherd in an abortion culture and help you address abortion as a gospel issue.


For more details or questions: or call 574-306-7406.


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