Planned Parenthood

With the recent releases of videos showing Planned Parenthood employees negotiating over the sale of parts of aborted babies, Right to Life of North Central Indiana is providing the following information to help you be as informed as possible regarding this issue.

To view the edited and full-length videos as well as find out more about the production of the videos, go to Center for Medical Progress’ website 

Planned Parenthood’s claim that abortion is only 3% of its business is false.

Planned Parenthood Quick Facts

Left-leaning Slate magazine’s 2013 article regarding 3% claim.

New York Post Editorial regarding Planned Parenthood’s 3% lie.

National Right to Life information on Planned Parenthood

What America is Missing in the Planned Parenthood Videos

Americans United for Life has issued an in-depth analysis on Planned ParenthoodThe New Leviathan – How Planned Parenthood has become Abortion, Inc.

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