Right to Life of North Central Indiana Encouraging Pastors to Speak on Abortion

RTL of NCI realizes that pastors are often concerned about how the mention of the word “abortion” from them will be perceived by their congregation. We want to thank those pastors who are already speaking out on abortion. Pastors already speaking out know that it’s possible to help people understand that abortion is wrong while showing compassion to those who have already experienced abortion.

Whether you are a pastor who has already been speaking on abortion or you are still trying to figure out how to start, we hope the following links and articles will be helpful to you. If your pastor isn’t speaking on abortion, consider encouraging him check out this information. We will continue to update this page as we find helpful information.

Pastors Encouraged to Speak on Issues In Our Society Today:

Pastors Need to Speak on Abortion

Church’s Necessary Response to Abortion

Facing the Fears of Speaking Out On Abortion

Wisdom Calling by Michael Spencer of Life Training Institute 

Why Do Many Pastors Avoid Warning Against Homosexuality and Abortion? Decision, February 2019.

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